Best USB cable for android auto | Top picks in 2022

Finding the best Android Auto USB-C cables requires a focus on a few distinct characteristics. The wire must be able to tolerate bends, abrupt removals, and spills, among other things. Whether you’re new to Android Auto or a seasoned veteran, there’s always a reason to purchase a new or additional cable. We’ve compiled a list of the best USB cable for android auto.
Are you seeking a dependable, reasonably priced best USB c cable for android auto in 2021? This guide will assist you in selecting the most delicate USB c cable for your application. As you may already know, android auto is a Google-developed application that runs on most Android smartphones. It is intended to mirror the functions of an Android device, such as a smartphone, to a compatible in-dash information and entertainment head unit in a vehicle. You want something more than the included USB cord when connecting your smartphone to your Android Auto head unit. The wire must be able to survive abrupt removals, bends, spills, and pressure, among other things. We’ve compiled a list of the most OK USB-C cables for Android Auto.

Image Product Feature Price
Top pick

Anker Powerline+ USB C Cable


Transfer Speed Up to 5-Gbps
High-Quality Double Braided Nylon Exterior
USB 3.0 Technology
Lifetime Warranty
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Transfer Speed Up to 480Mb/s
3D Aluminum Connectors with Laser Welded Technology
USB 2.0 Technology
Durable Design
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Great Performance

Anker Powerline II Gen2 Cable


Transfer Speed Up to 10-Gbps
USB IF Certified
USB 3.1 Technology
Lifetime Warranty
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Unique design

Brexlink Upgraded USB 3.0 Type C Cable


Durable Nylon Braided Cord
High Compatibility To Android Devices
Premium Aluminum Housing
Lifetime Warranty
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Extra Durability

Uni Nylon Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable


USB Type C
Cable Type USB
Compatible devises Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone
Brand Uni
Data Transfer Rate 0.48 Gigabits Per Second
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1. Anker Powerline+ USB C Cable


When it comes to Android accessories, Anker has a proven track record, and this USB-C cable is no exception. Anker claims that this cable will last five times as long as a standard cable does because of the exterior’s double-braided nylon construction. That’s a massive issue for everyone who has ever utilised frayed or broken local android wires. Durability is crucial when looking for a USB-C cable for an android car, and Anker often delivers on that promise. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty as an extra benefit.

There is also a 5-Gbps speed difference when moving data from your phone and laptop (and vice versa). Now your Android device will sync and charge faster. Additionally, you have a choice of grey or red as a background colour. It comes in two different lengths: 3ft and 6ft and is surely one of the best USB cable for android auto.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable brand-name cables,
  • USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A options,
  • multiple cord lengths, 5Gbps transfer speeds,
  • certified safe for use,
  • an 18-month warranty
  • Can not charge all QuickCharge phones at full speed

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2. JSAUX USB C Cord (best USB cable for android auto)

best USB cable for android auto
best USB cable for android auto


This product is ideal for anyone trying to get the most value for their money. USB cables of days have a shorter lifespan and break more frequently while working perfectly. JSAUX USB C cable has a particular strain relief support design, so customers no longer have to worry about it. Thus, all of the bending and other manipulation it is subjected to will not affect it.

Additionally, the cable is protected from damage by a rugged aluminium enclosure that can take a lot of abuse. This cable is helpful in a variety of other ways as well. On top of all that, the line is relatively long. The cord may be cut to any desired length with the included fastening tape, which is a bonus. There’s no denying that this device deserves to be included when you consider all of the above, in addition to how quickly it charges and transfers data.

Pros & Cons

  • Good length, doesn’t tangle
  • The usbc connector is solid
  • Battery life
  • Charge takes too long

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3. Anker Powerline II Gen2 Cable


If you’re looking for an economical, high-quality, best USB cable for android auto, check out the Anker Powerline II USB-C Cable. Excellent compatibility with practically any android device (including android-auto) and superior charging and data transfer performance make it a great all-around choice.

In addition to protecting the rope, the nylon sheath also makes tying knots in it nearly impossible. It also appears to have considerably more durable plugs than standard Android cords. The data transfer speed of up to 10-Gbps makes it ideal for people who frequently transfer data from laptops to smartphones and vice versa.

With this cable, your device can receive up to 3A of current, allowing it to charge more quickly with Qualcomm rapid charge 3.0 technology (your device should also support QC 3.0 Technology).

Pros & Cons

  • Very solid cord
  • charges fast
  • Worth the cost
  • Tip of the plug that is plugged into your phone can be easily bent

4. Brexlink Upgraded USB 3.0 Type C Cable 

When it comes to cables, BrexLink Type C Cable is the best option because of its gorgeous appearance and high level of endurance. The cable is available in grey or black and comes with two 2m cords. Additionally, it has a fast-charging range of 2,4A-3A and a data transfer rate of up to 5Gbps.

In terms of endurance, BrexLink cable boasts a 22AWG wire core and an aluminium shield, allowing it to survive more than 10,000 bends. This cable is also backed by a lifetime warranty, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for high quality at a fair price. There are certainly better USB C cables out there. Still, the BrexLink cable is adequate for most android auto users and represents a more than satisfactory alternative to more expensive data cables when it comes to speed and reliability.

Pros & Cons

  • Great cable – sturdy
  • Length is good
  • Braided for durability
  • Some users complained that these cables DO NOT fast charge at all

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5. Uni Nylon Braided USB-C to USB-C Cable

The Uni Nylon Braided Cable is up to the duty of being your go-to cable due to its high level of durability. The line has a nylon fibre jacket, tinned copper, and aluminium for enhanced heat dissipation in addition to its extra-long 10-foot length.
Max 5A 100W charging is supported with the single USB-C to USB-C PD cable. Additional fast charging devices will be supported, including the Samsung S20, Pixel and others that use Type-C connectors. Compatible with 87W, 61W, 30W, and 18W at a lower power level. Please take note: The original wall charger is recommended for best results.
Connect your USB-C smartphone, tablet, or laptop to a USB-C port for rapid charging and up to 480 Mbps data transfer. Please be aware that this product does not support video output.

The premium Aluminum shell provides more excellent heat dissipation while providing a good sense of style with this Type C to Type C cable—a superior option for USB-C gadgets. Allow you to customise the length of your hair to suit your needs in both work and play.

All USB-C devices are compatible with the new MacBook Pro and MacBook, the iPad Pro 2020/2018, iPad Air 4, and the latest generation of Dell XPS 15/13 laptops.

Pros & Cons

  • thoughtful design
  • significantly better value than the competitors
  • Langth is good
  • Some users have complained about the charging.

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What To Consider Before Buying A TypeC Cable?


The kind, size, and length of cable you purchase will be determined by the application you plan to utilise. Buying a fast charging cable is a must if you intend to use the wire to charge your smartphone or other gadgets. Please take a look at our comprehensive article on USB fast charging cables and how to recognise one.

In contrast, if you only want to use the cable to transfer data (or to charge your device), look for a USB data transfer cable when you’re out shopping. USB cables that solely charge a device contain two wires, while data transfer cables have four wires. Check read this post for a more in-depth discussion of the differences between charge-only and data transmission USB cords.

A charge-only fast-charging USB cable is what you should buy if you need a USB cable for your car because it will only be used to charge your smartphone.


When choosing a cable, consider that cost is an essential (if not the most important) consideration. USB cables, on the other hand, are not prohibitively expensive. However, the prices of threads differ when comparing several characteristics such as length, thickness, quality, brand, long-term endurance, and overall structure.

Depending on your budget, you can spend as little or as much money as you like on a cable. In speaking, though, the more money you spend on line, the better the connection you’ll get.


Another thing to consider when purchasing a new USB cable is the cable’s length. If your outlet is distant from your bedside, couch, or workspace, a lengthy line will come in handy. This allows you to use your phone while charging, regardless of the distance from your power outlet.

However, if you want to charge your phone quickly, don’t get a long USB cord. It will waste energy. This is because long USB cables take longer to charge a battery than short or medium-length wires, empirically demonstrated. It’s OK to buy a reasonably long line if you’re planning on using it for data transfer. Otherwise, your money would be better spent on a modestly sized USB cable.


If you’re on the market for a new cable, go with substantial exterior wires rather than slim/thin models wherever possible. As a rule, thicker/bigger wires are found inside of lines with thicker/bigger exteriors. Thick wires carry more current, which means your device’s battery gets more juice from them. Faster data transport and throughput are also made possible by thicker wires.

A common problem with slim cables is that they become heated or hot during use, which results in slower charging speeds and reduced data transfer efficiency.

You should no longer have any issues with your USB cables now that you know some of the most essential features to look for when shopping for one. Please use the comment section below if you have any queries, criticisms or would like further information.


What are typical transmission speeds for USB cables?

When it comes to bandwidth, USB cables can be divided into two categories: 1.1, which carries data at up to 1.5 Mbit per second, and 2.0, which has a transfer rate of 480 Mbit per second. But the swap cannot be reversed since the reduced data transmission needs of USB 1.1 can’t achieve the speed that USB 2.0-rated devices need.

What does it mean when USB cables and devices are described as “hot-swappable”?

Because they can be “hot switched,” USB cables and devices are very useful because they can be connected and disconnected from computers without shutting them down beforehand, which saves time.

How many types of USB connectors are there?

Type “A” (for hosts and USB hubs) and type “B” (for USB flash drives) USB connectors and USB ports are interchangeable (for peripheral devices). Standard, mini, and micro USB plugs are the three sizes of USB plugs. According to the size of the connector, there are a variety of different connector styles.

Different Types of USB Connectors

This video will demonstrate the different types of USB Connectors.

Final Words:

We have selected the best USB for your Android auto, but before buying, you must know that Type-C cable shopping can be a hassle, but it’s well worth it because an excellent Type-C cable has numerous advantages. Always keep an eye out for forum posts and review articles to see what other consumers have to say about a product you’re considering purchasing. It’ll be massive assistance when it comes time to pick a USB Type-C cable. When shopping for a USB Type-C cable, keep the hints mentioned above in mind so that you get a suitable line for your device.

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