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BenQ never ceases to amaze us in the gaming hardware industry, and every gamer on the planet admires BenQ’s high-quality monitors. BenQ, on either hand, has expanded its product line beyond displays and launched the Zowie brand gaming mouse, which has been a tremendous hit. We will have an in-depth, unbiased review of our top picks of the best zowie mouse for CS GO.

The Zowie brand mouse is optimized for first-person shooter games. If you’ve ever looked for the best gaming mouse for CS: GO, you’re bound to stumble across a slew of players praising the Zowie mice’s outstanding performance. I’d now like to introduce four mice from the Zowie series: FK1, FK2, EC1-A, and EC2-A. Although they are slightly different, each has its characteristics that may help you improve your gaming.

At first glance, the BenQ Zowie mouse appears to be a specific device, but they are designed for serious gamers who compete at a tournament level. Don’t you believe there must be a reason why so many famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pros utilize Zowie-branded peripherals?

All the four Zowie mice reviewed in this article are driverless, which means you may begin playing immediately after connecting them to your PC. On the bottom of each of them are sensitivity adjustment switches. By the way, some players find the switch placement inconvenient, but I’ll reveal our top picks of the best zowie mouse for CS GO below, and it is a ZOWIE VS ZOWIE.

Image Product Feature Price
Sleek design

Zowie FK-2


3310 optical sensor with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI
Ambidextrous design with multiple shapes and sizes maximize mice performance
comfortable gaming experience for competitive esports players
Consistent tactile feedback to
Adjustable report rate 125/500/1000Hz
Plug and Play (No drivers required)
Cable Length: 2m / 6. 6ft
Manufacturer Limited: 1 Year
Check On Amazon
suitable for claw grip

Zowie FK1


3310 optical sensor with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI
Ambidextrous design with multiple shapes and sizes
Consistent tactile feedback
Adjustable report rate 125/500/1000Hz for different levels of responsiveness
Most suitable for claw grip
Plug and Play (No drivers required)
Cable Length: 2m / 6. 6ft
Manufacturer Limited: 1 Year
Check On Amazon
Excellent sensor

EC1-A and EC2-A


Plug and Play (no need to install drivers)
EC1-A – 24-step scroll wheel; EC2-A – 16 step scroll wheel
3,200 max DPI
Five buttons
1000Hz polling rate
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1. Zowie FK-2 Best zowie mouse for CS GO

When it comes to pinpoint accuracy, the Zowie FK2 is the preferred pick of several esports pros, including GMX, Hiko, neo, and KQLY. If you want outstanding performance without spending a considerable amount on a subpar gadget, you should consider the FK2.

The Zowie FK2 is one of the best FPS gaming mice available in terms of performance and general comfort. It features an Avago 3310 sensor, a maximum DPI of 3,200, and a polling rate of up to 1000Hz. The absence of acceleration and predictability speaks loudly about the FK2’s performance in first-person shooter games. The lift-off distance is around 1.5mm to 1.8mm. BenQ appears to have gone above and above in developing a mouse that would satisfy the requirements of any devoted FPS player. While the technical specifications speak for themselves, let’s have a look at what makes this the perfect weapon for any CS GO enthusiast.

The FK2 mouse has a rubber coat, which has the slight disadvantage of being rather filthy. However, the grainy finish gives an excellent grip. The FK2 is a rubber-cabled corded mouse. Before criticizes rubber cables and insist on braided ones, let me assure you that rubber cables are far more durable than braided ones.

The Zowie FK2 gaming mouse is 88 grammes in weight. It features an ambidextrous design, and to be honest; I can’t think of many high-quality FPS mice that are equally suited to lefties and righties.

The FK2 equips with Huano switches. They are slightly stiffer than Omrons and may take some time to adjust to, but the good news is that the likelihood of misclicking is significantly decreased.

Additionally, the mouse comes with an extra pair of mouse feet, making it a one-time purchase. That is, wear and tear will not be the cause for replacing your FK2 Zowie mouse.


It appears that BenQ has embraced the philosophy of “less is more,” which explains why the FK2’s design is so pared-down. The two thumb buttons are particularly well-placed for this purpose.

There are no unnecessary bells and whistles here. It’s a simple gaming mouse that’ll work for everyone who plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, regardless of how often they play or if they have aspirations of joining the Fnatic squad.

The plastic body has a sturdy feel to it, and the overall construction quality is excellent. The scroll wheel features a nice rubber surface and good tactile feedback.

Sensor and Polling Rate

The optical sensor from Avago has a remarkable degree of precision. Even at high tracking rates, there was very no jitter in my testing. There’s no annoying angle-snapping here. If you’re a low-resolution player, you’ll love the extended aiming distance.
To change the polling rate and the hand mode, you need to unplug the mouse and reconnect it while pressing a specific combination of buttons.
The FK2 is a plug-and-play device; no software needs to be installed or settings adjusted.
The Zowie FK2 is only one of several options available. Great FPS mice include the Corsair Raptor M45, the Mionix Avior 7000, and the SteelSeries Rival. Even yet, the BenQ Zowie FK2 is one of my favourite rodents since it does an excellent job without costing an arm and a leg.

  • One of the best gaming mice for CS: GO
  • Ambidextrous
  • Plug and play
  • no software needed
  • Avago 3310 optical sensor
  • Mediocre scroll wheel
  • Small side buttons
  • Not the best choice for non-FPS games

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2. Zowie FK1

best zowie mouse for csgo
best zowie mouse for csgo

In comparison to the FK2, this one is a little bigger. BenQ was at it again, going for die-hard first-person shooter fans. Elegant, ambidextrous gaming mouse with moderate DPI, a good amount of buttons and an exact optical sensor, the Fk1 is an excellent choice for gamers of all skill levels and tastes.
Even if Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is your favourite game, chances are you’ve been tempted to test out another shooter or even a different genre. In addition to FPS games, the FK1 mouse excels in strategy, role-playing games, and brain teasers. Although the sensitivity is lower than those giving a maximum DPI of 12,000 or even 16,000, I doubt you will ever require anything like that, making it one of the best Zowie mice for CS GO lovers.

Button Layout

There are seven buttons on the Zowie FK1 (two more than its FK2 counterpart). There are two buttons on each side of the mouse and a right and left button. It’s impossible to press the side buttons too fast or too slow.
However, the scroll wheel isn’t faultless in this regard. Each notch receives positive input. However, scrolling fast causes an annoyance-inducing noise. FK1 is one of my favourite seats because of how cosy it is. The rough surface helps you hold on even when your hands are wet.
When you want to alter the DPI, you have to turn the mouse over and modify the settings, which might be a hassle for certain people.
As a result, the Zowie FK1 and its cousin, the Zowie EC1-A are among the most frequently used mouse in CS: GO. To help with your aim consistency in your favourite first-person shooter game, the FK1 gliders are enormous and provide a smooth glide on various surfaces.


High-quality sensors may make a significant impact, and that must be understood. The most durable gaming mouse in the world won’t make up for a poor sensor, so plan accordingly.
The DPI switch and LED indication are both located on the mouse’s bottom, making it easy to see the DPI level it is currently on. The Avago sensor in the FK1 makes it an incredibly precise rodent, but that’s not unexpected.
The FK1’s Avago 3310 sensor, in my opinion, is the most sophisticated sensor for CS: GO and other first-person shooter games. You get a superb gaming mouse that may take your performance to a new level when you mix the ideal sensor with the perfect design and the Ambi shape.
As an optical mouse, it’s vital to know that a cotton mouse pad is preferred. The following hand-picked gaming mouse pads will help you figure out which is the finest.

Plug and Play

Zowie FK1 does not necessitate the use of any special software. As soon as you take it out of the box, you may begin playing. There aren’t customizing choices if your gaming focus is on first-person shooters. There is just one thing that matters: the sensor. The SteelSeries Rival 300 or the Razer DeathAdder Chroma are excellent gaming mice if you want something with a little more oomph.
For the sake of brevity, the FK1 is faultless in every way. My list of the best gaming mouse for first-person shooters has earned a place for its excellent tracking speed, smooth glide, and fantastic switch response.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect for FPS
  • Excellent sensor and tracking capabilities
  • No need to install software
  • DPI switch is on the bottom

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3. EC1-A and EC2-A

The EC-A mouse has a unique place in the e-sports gaming world, and it’s fair to say. They’re known for being the most excellent mice for CS: GO, but I’d go so far as to say they’re the best mice for all shooters.
The sole difference between EC1-A and EC2-A in terms of technical specifications is the latter’s larger size. The EC2-A is a little more compact than the EC2.
In contrast to their FK counterparts, the EC-A mice are only made for usage by right-handed people. They feel like a natural extension of your hand since they are so comfy.
The DPI button is once again positioned at the bottom of the screen. Novice shooter gamers could find the DPI switch location annoying, but seasoned veterans won’t mind it. The switches and scroll wheel work flawlessly. They were perfect in every way.

Sensor and Tracking Capabilities

The EC-A line of gaming mouse is designed to satisfy the itch of intense competitive gaming. They have an Avago A3310 sensor in them. If you’ve ever used a mouse with the same sensor, you’re probably already familiar with how well it works. A similar sensor is employed in FK mice.

Button Layout and Build Quality

The EC-1-A and EC2-A mice weigh just around 93 grammes each, yet they’re remarkably durable. While Huano switches are more complex to push than Omrons, they minimize the likelihood of a misclick since they are less rigid.
There are a total of five buttons on each of the EC-A mice. During my testing, I found that BenQ has done an excellent job reducing the overall button latency.
As compared to previous cables, this one is more flexible while also being thinner.
My personal favourites are the EC1-A and EC2A mice. Because they’re plug-and-play, they’re quick, and the lift-off distance is short, but it may be increased if necessary. Polling rates and pixel densities are similar.
The obsessive attention to detail designers have devoted to Zowie mouse sets them apart from the others, despite their general association with simplicity.

  • Top quality build
  • Excellent sensor
  • Feels natural to grip

  • DPI switch is located at the bottom
  • Lower max DPI as compared to their rivals


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Things to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Laptop

Gamers can only enjoy the gaming experience if they have a mouse that matches their playing style and is pleasant to use. The gaming experience will not be the same if you use a standard mouse instead of a gaming mouse. Unlike a conventional mouse, the gaming mouse has unique characteristics that set it apart from others.


The sort of gaming mouse you need is determined by the game you’re playing. As a result, the characteristics that you value most in a gaming mouse will be determined by the game you want to play. For example, RTS and MMO players would wish to have more buttons assigned to different tasks and macros than FPS gamers who rely on precision and rapid tracking.

Sensor Type

It’s up to you to decide which sensor is ideal for your gaming experience. Gamers are split on whether laser and optical sensors. The Pro-optical mouse is the most incredible sensor because of its capacity to give customers a more reactive sensor and gaming experience. An optical mouse, in contrast to a laser mouse, does not display lag.

Whether it is Wired or Wireless?

Wired mice were often thought unsuitable for fast-paced, high-octane, and reactive games because of their sluggish reaction. Newer technology, however, has made it possible to use wireless gaming mice in the same way as traditional wired ones. The price difference between the two products is substantial. Wireless gaming mice are regarded to be more costly compared to corded.

Dots and Counts per Inch

DPI refers to the rate of pixels your screen pointer will travel per inch of motions of the mouse, which means the size of your display will determine your screen’s pixel density play. Larger screens need a higher DPI mouse since the mouse moves more significantly per inch of screen progress. Using this method can improve your game experience.
On the other hand, CPI is the camera’s actual physical resolution utilized in the mouse sensing system. It’s a measurement of how many samples they take in one square inch. The setting may set the sensitivity of your mouse using the CPI or DPI settings. As a result, your gaming mouse’s sensitivity setting must be flexible if you want to get the most out of it.


To fully enjoy your gaming style, you must consider the weight of your gaming mouse. The importance of your mouse matters if you play video games with your wrists swung about a lot. It’s possible to add or remove weights from some gaming mice, depending on the user’s preferences.

Grip Style

To improve their gaming experience, most players adopt one of three grip styles: fingertip, claw, or palm. The mouse grip style you choose is critical since it has an impact on the mouse’s weight and form, making it more or less pleasant to operaCustomizationtion

Purchasing a mouse that can be read customized to fit your needs is critical. Think about how disruptive the lights will be before you buy if you’re looking for a gaming mouse. Also, think about whether or not you’ll be able to tailor the buttons and software to your specific needs.


FAQs A Gamer Can Ask Before Buying A Gaming Mice


What Is The Chance That The Gaming Mouse Will Fit My Hand?

Even though the mouse is functional, not everyone’s hand is the ideal match for it. Some are made with larger hands in mind, while others are geared toward those with smaller hands. It’s also a matter of personal taste. For a gaming mouse to be comfortable in your hand, all of the buttons must be pressable without having to stretch your fingers. Having a large mouse will make it easier to manoeuvre from the pad in all directions without wearing out your wrists and creating arthritis. Professional gamers can easily play for up to four hours in a competitive match. The mouse must be pleasant to use for extended periods.
Keeping your weapon steady on an opponent off in the distance could be the difference between winning and losing in a competitive game of Fortnite. Using the correct mouse size will help you maintain a solid grip on the mouse.

Is the gaming mouse compatible with third-party drivers?

Compatibility with 3rd-party drivers is what it means. What matters is whether or not the gaming mouse can handle software that enhances its customizability even further. The buttons on a gaming mouse may customize using software like Estone x9, which you can download. The majority of gaming mice that include customizable capabilities also call for additional software to be downloaded before being used to their full potential. According to the mouse, the degree of customizability differs. This is why reading reviews may be beneficial in determining what others have to say. The degree of customizability offered by gaming mice varies as well.

How Long is the Warranty on the Gaming Mouse?

Warranty is typically the first question gamers ask. Because gaming mice are so costly, they must be built to last. Having a corporation prepared to back them up also implies they should have a product that can survive the wrath of someone who loses their positive KD ratio. Most players have been forced to utilize a sponsoring company’s effect in competitions since they are funded. If you’re one of these folks, have a look at the warranties listed below for each gaming mouse brand.

Does It Matter If Your Gaming Mic Is Stylish Or High-Quality?

While having an excellent mouse is desired, a gaming sensei would put it well down the list of things to look at. As a result, there are a few things to keep in mind regarding aesthetics and the company’s brand. Always go with well-known brands like Logitech that are recognized for their quality. Small businesses may easily add RGB lighting to a low-cost mouse to make it appear more upscale, even if the product itself is of inferior quality. ACCORDING TO A SERIOUS GAMER, the G502 Proteus Core is a fantastic benchmark gaming mouse, and it boasts some of the most excellent specifications. Also, look at the mouse’s specification sheet to discover what sort of performance a proper gaming mouse is capable of. This mouse has just the right amount of flair, but it’s clear that the design prioritizes gamers’ demands over flashy looks.


What Makes Zowie Mice Different From The Rest?

This video will demonstrate why Zowie mice are different from its competitors.


Final Words

We have picked the best Zowie mouse for CS GO reviews. You may consider the best one depending on your choice, price range, weight, grip style etc.

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