Hisense TV Connected To Wifi But No Internet? How To Fix- Best Idea in 2022

When you attach to Wi-Fi on your Hisense Smart TV, and it says connected, but there is no internet, you need to restart your router/modem and pick the network-provided date and time on your Hisense Smart TV.
Check to see that your router is not outdated and that it is located near enough to the Hisense smart tv so that you can conduct a soft reset for a quick fix.

Hisense TV Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet? How To Fix

Step No: 01 Place Both the Smart TV and the Router are located in the exact location.

Interference may be experienced if your television and router connection or Wi-Fi are in different rooms. Positioning both devices in the same room or within a close distance will provide better quality and faster internet access.

Step No:02 Decide on a date and time for your event

To begin, select the Settings option.
Select the additional settings option, followed by the device preferences option, and you’re done.

After that, select the appropriate time and data. Following that, it went to the automatic date and time.

Finally, select the network time option that was provided.

Step No:03 Soft Reset

Hisense TV Connected To Wifi But No Internet? How To Fix
Hisense TV Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet? How To Fix

To begin, turn off your smart TV and allow it to run for 5 to 10 minutes as normal before continuing.

Instead of using a remote control to turn off your television, you can now unplug the cable from the power outlet.

After that, wait a few minutes before turning on your smart TV again, and then enter your Wi-Fi password if necessary.

Finally, determine whether you have access to the internet or not.

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Step No:04 Errors In The Smart TV

Suppose you use a remote control to switch off your television. It is plausible that your smart TV will experience errors due to this. To overcome this, follow the steps outlined below.

To begin, navigate to the network option in your settings.

Then, select the option to open network settings.

After that, select Configure network settings to establish a connection to an available network.

Step No:05 Reboot Your Router/Modem

Hisense tv connected to wifi but no internet
Hisense tv connected to Wi-Fi but no internet

If you want to improve your network access, you should consider Restarting your router at a convenient time. After that, simply restarting your router will assist in refreshing your device’s memory. You will be able to choose new updates that will improve your signal power due to this. Unplug your modem’s power cord for at least 60 seconds, if not longer.

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Step No:06 Obstructions

Disable Bluetooth on your device. make sure that there is no interfering factor

Now, make an effort to reduce the distance between the television and the router.

Step No:07 DNS Configurations

Opening your main settings is the first step. Following that, you should open your advanced settings.

Next, select the WAN (vast area network) option.

Change the DNS server settings by selecting them from the drop-down menu.

Step No:08 The router is no longer up to date.

If you are still experiencing problems, you should consider replacing your router with a new one.

Purchase a router that has 802.11ax technology and can support 10Gbps.

A router with 802.11ac technology that supports 1Gbps data transfer speed is required.

A router equipped with 802.11n technology can transmit data at up to 600Mbps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:01Why does my TV say connected to the network but not the internet?

It is possible that there is a temporary problem with your ISP’s equipment, physical damage to the cables that connect you to the ISP’s network, or some other problem with your ISP’s equipment. The local network is still accessible in this case, but the internet is not accessible through the local network because it is not connected to the internet.

Qno:02 Can My Smart TV Work Without Internet?

Using your mobile phone to stream content to your smart TV is an option if you don’t have access to a home internet connection but still want to watch it. … However, both devices must be compatible, as well as that an HDMI cable is used (see our guide for more information on HDMI). Check your devices first to see if they support mirror casting because not all Android phones do.

QNO:03 How Can I Get Free TV Channels Without Internet?

Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV are the best options for watching local ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS broadcasts. They both provide a way to manage significant broadcast networks in nearly every market in the United States via live streaming. DIRECTV STREAM and FuboTV are two other services that allow you to watch local channels.

Visual Guide

So, here is the visual guide for you to fix your queries more efficiently.

Final Words:

These are the most common issues that Hisense TV users encounter, and here is the best solution for them that is guaranteed to work 100 per cent of the time. I hope you find these solutions to be helpful.

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