How To Fix Error Code efeab30c? Best Ideas in 2022

Several users have reported being unable to play NBA 2K16, NBA 2K17, or NBA 2K18 due to the Error code EFEAB30C displayed. To play any mode that includes multiplayer components, the player must first log into the 2K servers, which is impossible with this error (almost every method available). It has been reported that this issue occurs on PCs, Xbox Ones, Nintendo Switches, and PlayStation 4. We will discuss how to fix the error code efeab30c.

How To Fix Error Code efeab30c?

Before heading towards error code efeab30c and how to fix the error code efeab30c by considering different scenarios, we must have an idea of why does efeab30c occur?

Why does efeab30c Occur?

How To Fix Error Code efeab30c?
How To Fix Error Code efeab30c?

EFEAB30C and 4B538E50 error codes are often presented when there is an issue with utilising the most recent data that is currently available. Typically, this message is displayed when the user uses an older version of the game than the most recent version that is now available. If this issue occurs, the player will be restricted from playing the game until the most current game update has been installed.

There are, however, several different conditions that might result in the EFEAB30C error message being shown. Here’s a short breakdown of some of the possible offenders that might be to blame for the error message:

  • It is possible to receive this error when playing a game if you are playing it during a period in which the most recent update is being issued. Typically, playing a few Play Now games will compel the new version to be downloaded and installed.
  • It needs to send the account details again. This issue has been found to occur anytime 2K servers request extra information about your account (most likely because your email address has not been validated). Method 2 outlines the procedures to take to complete the email confirmation process.
  • The maximum number of NBA 2K accounts permitted has been exceeded – If you have created more than the maximum number of 2K accounts that may be established on a single console, you may be experiencing this issue as a result. Method 3 outlines the procedures to take to avoid this situation.
  • Another piece of software may be interfering with your connection to the servers — third-party software (such as a firewall or VPN solution) might be interfering with your computer’s access to the 2K servers. Method 4 outlines the actions to take to identify the perpetrator.
  • The designated space for the game was removed from the hard drive – It’s possible that you’re experiencing this problem because the game’s reserved space has been removed from your hard disc.
  • Data is out of sync – This is a recognised issue that occurs when the user makes the mistake of removing the Reserved Space. On most occasions, you can force the data to sink by selecting the Play Now option or allowing the game to sit on the main menu until you get the update notification message.

This post will walk you through several troubleshooting methods for those seeking to remedy the problem. Below you will find a compilation of solutions that other people who have encountered a similar situation have utilised to get around the problem.

Remember that some of the solutions listed below may not be relevant depending on the platform you are experiencing the problem. Please continue with the potential repairs in the order offered, skipping any approaches that will not be useful. This will give you the best results. You should identify a solution that will work for your specific situation.

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Forcing the game to update SceScenariow To Fix Error Code efeab30c?

Most commonly, this issue happens if you are playing the game when an updated version of the software for the game has been released. The problem has been reported to occur on all platforms, including the PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

When this occurs, you will be unable to play any mode that has online components until the most recent update has been installed on your computer. You can address the problem by closing and re-opening the game in question if you’re playing on a console. You will be requested to upgrade your software on an automated basis. In addition, you may go to the Downloads area of your console’s interface and download and install the most recent NBA driver from there as well.
Depending on whether you’re playing on a PC or a console and whether you purchased the game from a digital game shop like Steam or Origin, the game may not update as it should. Users who have experienced a similar problem have reported that they could remedy the situation by either playing a couple of fun in the offline “Play Now” mode or leaving the game inactive while still at the main menu. After some time, an alert message will appear on your screen, informing you that a new update is being applied.

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Confirming the Associated Email scenario

When the email account linked with your MyPlayer account is not validated or requires an update, the EFEAB30C error message may also be shown. This is not possible from within the game. Therefore you’ll need to use a web browser to complete the task (either on your console, PC or mobile). Listed below is a step-by-step method to validating the email address linked with your MyPlayer profile:

Step#1: Go to in a web browser to play the game.
Step#2: Then, click the Sign In button to log in in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step#3: The platform on which you will be playing the game is up to you to decide. You should pick the forum that displays the problem if you present it on many media simultaneously.

Step#4: Continue by inputting your login credentials (MyPlayer account name and associated password).

Step#5: When you successfully log into your account, it also functions as an automated verification of your account.

Step#6: Attempt to play the game again to see if you can do so without obtaining the EFEAB30C error code this time. If the same mistake occurs, proceed to the following procedure down on the list below.

The first five accounts created on the console Scenario

If you’ve established five or more accounts on the same console or computer, another situation in which you can run into the EFEAB30C error is possible. The EFEAB30C will begin to appear due to a security procedure that prevents all NBA 2K accounts formed after the fifth game from gaining access to the server. This is enforced to avoid statement spamming and server abuse from taking place on the system.

You should be aware that there is no solution for this security protocol if you have more than five accounts on the same console or computer. If this sceScenarioplies to your circumstance, your only alternative is to log in using one of the first five accounts that were ever established on that particular console, which is the case in most cases. If this situation results in the EFEAB30C being triggered, all online functions should be restored while using an older user account.

Looking into any third-party influence (PC only)

If you’re experiencing this problem on a PC, you’re probably seeing it due to an overly defensive security solution. The disabling of network functionality in NBA 2k is often attributed to third-party security solutions, which users frequently report as the source of the problem.

A third-party security suite that is overprotective may be the source of your problem, and the only way to determine if it is the cause is to delete the suite altogether. Remember that removing real-time protection will not result in conclusive findings because the same rules will continue to be in effect.

You should be able to resolve the problem without having to reinstall the 3rd party security client if you add the NBA2K executable to the exclusion list of the security client. On the other hand, this phase varies significantly depending on the security suite you are using. It’s possible to accomplish this using the Kaspersky Internet Security settings menu, under Advanced, Threats and exclusions > Specify Trusted Applications, where you may then add the NBA2k executable.

Follow our step-by-step instructions (here) on uninstalling and erasing any trace of your third-party antivirus if you have decided to part ways with your third-party antivirus. Once the antivirus software has been deleted, restart your computer and re-open the game when the next startup has been completed successfully. It is possible that third-party intervention was the root cause of your problem; nonetheless, you should now be able to utilise NBA’s functions without receiving the EFEAB30C error message.

HDD Space Restoring Scenario (PC Only)

Additionally, if you mistakenly removed the Reserved Space sector on your hard drive in an attempt to free up some vital space, you may receive the EFEAB30C error. Even while this component appears to have nothing to do with the game itself, bear in mind that all NBA 2K games use it to store updates and patches.

This could be possible if you erased the Reserved Space area on your hard drive just before seeing EFEAB30C errors. If you did, reinstalling the game programme may be sufficient to repair the problem. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to go about it:


Step#1: To launch a new Run dialogue box, press the Windows key + R simultaneously. After that, put “appwiz.Cpl” into the command prompt and press Enter to launch Programs and Features.

Step#2: Scroll through the list of applications until you find your NBA game, then right-click on it and select Uninstall.

Step#3: Select ‘Yes’ when prompted throughout the uninstalling procedure if you wish to keep your Save files intact.

Step#4: Insert the installation disc, or reinstall the game using Steam or Origin to complete the installation process.

Step#5: Keep pressing the Cancel button until the installation procedure is complete when you see the message “Install Is Retrieving Files.”

Step#6: To begin, launch the game and remain in the game menu until you see the notice “Update Required.” When it does, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the most recent version of the game available.

Step#7: Restart the game if necessary. You should be able to use online functions without experiencing any difficulties at this time.

Final Words:

Throughout the preceding article, we went over all of the different options that may be used to resolve the NBA2K EFEAB30C problem issue. We’ve also spoken concisely over all of the probable reasons for the problem. We hope that you will be able to resolve your EFEAB30C issue by following this guidance. For more comparable instructions, please see the link below. Thank you very much!

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