How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook With/Without HDMI: Stunning Idea in 2022

As Chromebook is one of the simplest, lightest, and maybe newest technologies, it provides several advantages for customers. On the other side, consumers like being presented with this lovely work of art. Still, it is exceptionally challenging for gamers to know how to play ps4 On Your Chromebook
However, did you know that the Chromebook is not confined to doing daily tasks? Indeed, it may be your remote gaming station, particularly for your PlayStation 4. This user guide will discuss how to play ps4 on Chromebook with HDMI as well as without HDMI.

First, we will discuss How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook With HDMI

How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook With/Without HDMI

Things You Need Before Playing PS4 On Your Chromebook With HDMI

  • Dual Functioning HDMI Cable and a DVI cable
  • Male Video Adapter and Female DVI-D
  • A ps4 and Chromebook with Good Internet.
How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook With/Without HDMI
How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook With HDMI

Chromebook Support

If you wish to connect your PS4 to your Chromebook, you must utilise the HDMI port and cable. It is critical to remember, however, that Chromebooks are not comparable to laptops or desktop computers. Why? This is because they are capable of supporting data input and output. In other words, laptops are capable of receiving data from HDMI cables and transmitting data from them to other devices or devices connected via this port.

However, when connected through HDMI, the Chromebook is limited to supporting the output data. As a result, you can only view the data on your Chromebook on other displays; you cannot connect another device to it.

Then how can you connect a PS4 to a Chromebook through HDMI? You can play PS4 on your Chromebook by following these instructions. Nonetheless, bear in mind that all of the items described at the beginning of this article should be filed under the title ‘Things You Need,’ as they will assist you in getting back on track. Thus, let us begin.


To establish a solid connection between your PS4 and Chromebook, the first step is to connect your game console and Chromebook to the same network. This implies that your Chromebook and PS4 should share the same Wi-Fi network.

This is since you will need to download the “PS4 Remote Play” application from the Google Play Store on your Chromebook. The reason for downloading this software is the computer’s local memory, which does not allow any intensive connections or games. Once this is complete, it’s time to prepare your HDMI port for contact with the female DVI-D and male DVI adaptor. This is critical since the HDMI connector on a Chromebook does not enable two-way display; so, you will need to execute this step if you wish to play PS4 on your Chromebook’s screen.

Remember to choose a high-quality DVI cable to obtain superior signal quality since excellent signal quality equates to a fantastic gaming experience. Additionally, it will assist you in achieving a distraction-free performance. As the DVI-D male and female converter will convert the HDMI port on your Chromebook to a DVI-D port, you will be able to connect your PS4.

Developing a Sound

If you play games without sound, this indicates that you are not receiving complete enjoyment. Many gamers choose high-quality sound throughout their gaming session since it helps them focus on the game. Thus, there is a reason why sound is critical when playing games. And regardless of your preferred game genre, you will always want sound effects to obtain the entire gaming experience.

In most situations, it is said that when a PS4 is linked to a Chromebook, the sound is blocked, and the player begins to hear nothing but complete silence or ambient noise. However, without getting into detail, let us get directly to the subject. Typically, when you play PS4 on an LED or television, you’ll put your headphones or speakers into the audio port to listen to the sound. However, you must connect the speakers or headphones via the PS4’s audio connector in this situation.

Therefore, assuming you’ve completed all of these procedures, you should be able to play PS4 on your Chromebook at this point. However, technically, a Chromebook does not support HDMI output. The procedures mentioned here on how to play PS4 on a Chromebook with HDMI are intended to assist you in obtaining what you want in another manner.

You cannot, under any circumstances, sue the maker of your Chromebook or console for misrepresentation. However, keep your fingers crossed since this is the only legitimate way to install PS4 games on a Chromebook, and all you need to do is follow all of the recommendations.

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How to play PS4 on Chromebook without HDMI?

Things You Need Before Playing PS4 On Your Chromebook With HDMI

  • The latest version of the ps4 and a Chromebook with High-speed Internet
  • PlayStation network account
  • Charging cable

It would be best to find the same internet network for your Chromebook and gaming console, with high network speed. In addition, PlayStation 4 and Chromebook should be connected to the same internet connection. Now, you can start following these steps to play ps4 on Chromebook without HDMI.

1st step: Your first step is to install the PS4 Remote Play app from the google play store on your Chromebook. Again, make sure the PS4 gaming console and Chromebook are connected with the same internet connection.

How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook Without HDMI
How To Play ps4 On Your Chromebook  With/Without HDMI

2nd step: After downloading the app, now you will see one file on the Chromebook screen, go to setting and click to sign in to PlayStation 4 network, and fix the resolution according to your connection.

3rd step: After signing in, you will see the start sign there and click on the start.

4th step: It is easy and quick to register manually, but it will ask for code; you can get this by setting and checking the remote play connection setting on the screen. Then add the device. You can see one code there and put the code in the PS4 app, and it will be connected.

5th step: You can adjust the sound and screen in settings as well.

Enjoy! Now you can connect a charging cable with Chromebook, and you can play PS4 on your Chromebook without an HDMI cable.

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Final Words

You’ve seen the step-by-step instructions on how to play PS4 on a Chromebook with and without an HDMI connection.
I hope you’ve mastered the procedure of connecting your PS4 to your Chromebook and are now able to play your PS4 game on your Chromebook.
However, if Chromebook includes built-in input port support, it would be handier for gamers, as Chromebook is highly lightweight when carrying peripherals.

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