How to Turn on the Keyboard light on Chromebook – Updated June 2022

Do you have a Chromebook with a backlit keyboard but don’t know How to Turn on the Keyboard light on Chromebook? Don’t be concerned. We covered the subject completely in this blog article, so you can quickly switch on the keyboard light and use its capabilities.

The instructions below are exactly what I did before to enable the Chromebook illuminated keyboard:

  1. Check to see whether your Chromebook supports the backlight function. You may accomplish this by hitting Ctrl+Alt+I, which will bring up a menu with the lighting effects option (there should be four “S” letters).
    Then select the lighting effect you wish to utilize, such as “Off,” “Steady On,” or whatever works best for you.
  2. The next step is to have the Chromebook automatically enable the lighting effect when it boots up.

You may go to “Settings,” then “Keyboard,” and find “Turn on” choices for all your Chromebooks’ keyboards (if your Chromebook uses multiple keyboard layouts, you have to do this step again).

  1. Now you can just enjoy the Chromebook’s illuminated keyboard while reading eBooks or browsing the internet.

I hope this helps!

How to Turn on the Keyboard light on Chromebook

If you have a Chromebook that has a backlit keyboard but you do not know How to Turn on the Keyboard light on Chromebook, then follow the steps in this article to see if you can get it to work.

I had a problem with the same issue when I had an HP Chromebook, so I know what is going through your head right now because I am going to teach you how to switch on the lighted keyboard on an HP Chromebook.

First, we have to ensure that there are no problems with the software before we can determine whether or not the issue is the result of malfunctioning hardware. Therefore, do out following procedures:

1) To open the task manager, first simultaneously press the Ctrl key, the Alt key, and the Delete key. If it doesn’t work, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time.

2) Once the task manager is open, select the Processes tab, and then inside that, locate the chromium.exe file. Check the CPU column in the Processes tab of the task manager.

If it is greater than 90 percent, you will have to do a hard reset on your computer since this indicates that there is an excessive amount of Chrome operating in the background. It implies that anything you wind up opening after doing a Ctrl+Alt+Delete will run slowly, particularly in your browser, if you do it again (chromium).

3) At this point, check to see that all applications that aren’t essential have been closed, and then go back to step one. However, this time make sure that you end any other processes or programs that aren’t absolutely required for your Chromebook to operate normally.

If software consistently crashes whenever you launch a certain program, then it is possible that it is also the reason for Chromebook programs opening and shutting more slowly than usual.

After that, you will be required to do a hard reset on your computer since it is now running too many programs simultaneously.

If it does not work, even after you have terminated all other programs and performed step one again, you might try the following:

4) If you are still having trouble, try pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q at the same time. If this opens the task manager, choose “more information” and then under the “processes” tab, terminate the plugin-container.exe process as well as Flashplayer. so (if it’s running).

In the event that this does not resolve the issue, you will need to do a power wash on your Chromebook. This will involve erasing everything on your Chromebook and beginning the setup process from scratch; however, you should first create a backup in Gmail.

5) At this point, if you’ve tried all of the methods that have been outlined so far and it still isn’t working, you’ll have to replace your keyboard.

If you feel that I was able to assist you in repairing the backlit keyboard on the HP Chromebook, please show your appreciation by pressing the “Yes!” button. That would be of great assistance to me, and it would make me very happy to learn that you found my post to be useful. I am grateful to you.

The keyboard is equipped with light sensors that, as soon as it is dark enough, turn on the backlight automatically. The backlighting shuts off automatically in order to save power and protect your eyes if there is an excessive amount of ambient light around your laptop or when it is bright outside.

It’s possible that malfunctioning hardware is to blame if you’re experiencing issues with the keys on your keyboard not lighting up while you’re typing in low-light circumstances. This problem may be resolved by just switching out the keyboard.

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How To Make Your Keyboard Light Up On Chromebook?

It’s simple once you know how to do it. To alter the brightness of a Chromebook’s backlit keyboard, click the Alt key and then hit the screen brightness up/screen brightness down buttons. This will adjust the brightness of your keyboard’s backlight.

Do Chromebooks have backlit keyboards?

The Samsung Chromebook Pro is equipped with a 2.2GHz Intel Core M3 processor, 4GB of onboard memory, a 32GB eMMC hard drive, a backlit keyboard, and a 12.3-inch HDD touch screen. This is especially beneficial for people who must carry a laptop on a frequent basis.

Does the Chromebook 14 keyboard light up?

However, one variant of the HP Chromebook 14 will include the holy grail of Chromebook features: a backlit keyboard. The Chromebook Pixel is the only Chrome OS device launched to date with a backlit keyboard, and it is also the most expensive.


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