What Are Holy Panda Switches? Best Review In 2022

Are you looking for What Are Holy Panda Switches? Best Review In 2022?Holy Panda switches are among the most widely used switches in the mechanical keyboard industry. What exactly is going on with this switch? Why were people willing to pay upwards of $4 per switch during the heyday of the game’s popularity?

Holy Panda switches are made up of a variety of different switch parts; the original Holy Panda was made up of the following: An Invyr Panda switch provides housing (and frequently spring).A Halo switch’s stem/slider is used here.

As a result, we say: Holy Panda. The Holy Panda was created by combining the solid housing and spring from the linear Invyr Panda with the stem from the tactile Halo switch to create a new design. You can still read Quakemz’s original blog post about the creation, which can be found here.

What Are Holy Panda Switches? Best Review In 2022

What Are Holy Panda Switches?
What Are Holy Panda Switches?

Despite the fact that Holy Pandas are a tactile switch, they are best known for their prolonged smooth bump. There are other switches that are as tactile as the Holy Panda, but their bumps are much sharper, shorter, and rougher, which distinguishes the Holy Pandas as something quite unique in the gaming world.

The tactility of Holy Pandas switches is sometimes compared to that of Topre and ALPS switches, which is a desirable tactility profile for many players.

When compared to mainstream Cherry switches, Holy Pandas are a much more tactile, smoother, and stiffer Cherry MX Brown than mainstream Cherry switches.

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Is it true that Holy Pandas are snappy?

What Are Holy Panda Switches?
What Are Holy Panda Switches?

It should be noted that Holy Pandas are not clicky switches; they have a bump that is similar to that of clicky switches but do not produce the same audible click noise.

Are Holy Pandas worth it?

As long as you’re a fan of tactile switches, Holy Pandas are definitely worth trying, especially now that there are so many different types of Holy Pandas available at reasonably low prices. Holy Pandas are frequently regarded as a top-tier tactile switch, making them a viable option if you’re looking to complete your tactile journey with a high-quality switch.

Variants of the Holy Panda

What Are Holy Panda Switches?
What Are Holy Panda Switches?

The original tooling required to create true Holy Pandas was lost a long time ago, and it is currently unknown where it is. In response, a number of companies have stepped forward to produce Holy Pandas that are extremely close to, if not indistinguishable from the original.

Here’s a comprehensive list of Holy Pandas. It is much more detailed in Theremin Goat’s blog post on the various variations.

OG Invyr Holy Pandas (Original Invyr)

An early version of Holy Pandas that combined the housing of Invyr Panda v1s with a Halo True stem was known as a Holy Panda V1.

GSUS Panda is an acronym that stands for Global Security and Unified Threat Management.

A recreation of the original Holy Pandas that was made available and affordable for the general public to purchase.

Drop+Invyr Holy Pandas Drop+Invyr Holy Pandas

Drop collaborated with Invyr to create their own version of the Holy Pandas, which they released in April. The Drop Pandas are a mostly faithful recreation of the original Pandas, though they have had difficulty maintaining consistency in the manufacturing process, particularly with regard to lubing. In most cases, drop pandas are readily available.

Drop Pandas are available for purchase.

Pandas are magnificent creatures.

Make your own Holy Pandas with Glorious’ instructions! While they have a similar profile to the original Invyr Panda’s and claim to use the same housing, they have created their own stem to replace the original Halo stem.

Glorious Pandas are available for purchase.

YOK Pandas are a group of pandas who live in Yukon, Canada.

All of the Novelkeys’ Holy Panda variants are available in a variety of colours and all of them behave exactly the same. YOK Pandas are available in four different colours: red, mint, polar, and trash. In general, Yok Pandas are readily available and easy to locate. Yok Pandas are a faithful recreation of the original Invyr Pandas; they are a linear switch that can be used to create new Holy Pandas. Yok Pandas are also used to make new Holy Pandas.

Novelkeys is where you’ll find them.

There are several other options.

There are a number of other limited edition Holy Panda clones available, and we’ve included the most notable of them in this post.

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Are Holy Pandas Beneficial in Gaming?

What Are Holy Panda Switches?
What Are Holy Panda Switches?


With an actuation weight of 67 grammes, Holy Pandas are a substantial switch. Especially if you’re coming from a fast gaming switch or even just a regular Cherry MX switch, the difference in weight required to push a key will undoubtedly cause some discomfort. I would only recommend gaming with Holy Pandas if you are accustomed to using heavier switches for gaming in the first instance.

Holy Panda’s suggestions

There are three widely available Holy Panda variants: Drop Holy Pandas, YOK Purple Trash Pandas, and Glorious Pandas. Drop Holy Pandas are the most widely available of the three. When it comes to the Holy Pandas, the Drop Pandas are the most faithful to the originals, as long as you can get a consistent, high-quality batch.Drop is unquestionably the most expensive Panda clone on the market, costing $1 per switch.

The Glorious Pandas cost $0.60 per switch and perform very similarly to the Glorious Pandas. The stem is a little wobblier and the sound is a little less thocky, but for 40 percent less money, the Glorious Pandas are a much better value.

Yok Purple Trash Pandas aren’t actually Pandas, but they come close to it in terms of performance by adding a sharper bump to their performance. They have a similar price to the Glorious Pandas, at $0.55 per switch, which is comparable.

Those looking for the most authentic Holy Panda experience should look no further than Drop Entertainment. If you’re fine with a 90 percent experience and want to save money, Glorious is the way to go.

Visual Guide For What Are Holy Panda Switches?

Final Words:

Originally only available through outrageously priced group buys, the Holy Panda is now available through stores like Drop and Glorious. While there is a lot of drama surrounding who owns the switch, more competition is good for consumers. Who doesn’t want a great switch at a reasonable price? Good luck!


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