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This article will discuss What Is Waasmedic agent Exe? and How To Fix Its High CPU Usage? Opening the Task Manager will reveal dozens of lines of processes operating at all times while your computer is turned on – this is very normal and should not be worried about. Another of these programs is the WaasMedic Agent Exe, which stands for the Windows Update Medic service.

The presence of this file could lead one to believe it is a leftover from third-party software. However, this is not the case. WaasMedic Agent Exe is a component of the Windows 10 operating system that plays a vital function in the environment in which it operates. The primary purpose of this service is to guarantee that the Windows update process runs smoothly and without interruption, allowing users to acquire the newest updates without experiencing any difficulties or delays.

What is Waasmedic Agent Exe?

A Waasmedic Agent Exe is one of the most crucial components or services to have on hand. Windows 10 launched this feature for the first time. Keeping Windows Update running smoothly is its primary task. Stopped Windows Updates are often caused by viruses or malware. This service will aid you in regaining control of your situation. You may think it is a third-party app, yet it is an integral element of Windows 10.

To disable it, you may do so in various ways, although it is helpful for Windows Update to enable it. Like the Desktop Windows Manager, it is tough to uninstall but may be disabled. When everything else fails, uninstalling Waasmedic Agent Exe is your best option. First and foremost, focus on the most efficient use of your discs. Because each computer is set up differently, we should expect the causes to change from computer to computer.

It is time to get down to business with the actual fixes described below, after you’ve completed reading everything above. Apply the patches sequentially in the correct sequence. This step is unnecessary if the original fix does not resolve the issue. Before attempting any sophisticated computer repairs, restart your Windows 10 machine. Restarting the device is a standard solution to many Windows 10 issues. After that, turn off or uninstall any antivirus software on your Windows 10 machine. Turn off and unplug any external storage devices you might be using, such as a USB flash drive or a hard drive. There are more complicated options if this does not help.

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First Solution Is To Pause Windows Updates

Occasionally, Windows Update will fail to install critical files and will display error codes or warnings. It has a re-download feature. Due to these re-downloads and error codes or notifications, Windows 10’s resources are depleted.

  1. To begin, run Windows 10’s Settings app while holding down the Windows and I keys.
  2. To continue, press the Update and Security option from the open screen.
  3. Now, from the left pane, select Windows Update.

On the right pane, this will be open. Scroll down the screen until you no longer see the option to “Pause updates for 7 days.” Once you’ve obtained it, touch it.

what is waasmedic agent exe
what is waasmedic agent exe?

For seven days, Windows 10 will not receive any updates. After seven days, you will receive updates. To continue receiving updates, choose the Resume Updates option.

Another Solution Is To Use Disk Cleanup Tool

Inadequate storage space on Windows 10 will result in a high disc utilization rate for Waasmedic Agent EXE. This will cause Windows 10 to slow down. To resolve this issue, you must erase any superfluous files from Windows 10. This may be accomplished with the Disk Cleanup Tool. This function is available on all versions of Windows.

  1. Launch the Windows 10 search bar.
  2. Once you’ve obtained it, put Disk Cleanup into the search box and touch on the first result.
  3. Now you must pick the drive that contains Windows 10.
  4. Select the Cleanup system files option and then click the OK button.
  5. Finally, click the OK button.

Configure Windows Option

If you have viruses and malware on your Windows 10, you will experience trouble with excessive disc use. You may resolve this by enabling DEP for that service. To accomplish this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced tab and choose the Settings option, which is located beneath the Performance section.
  3. Select “Turn on DEP for important Windows apps and services only” on the Data Execution Prevention tab.
  4. Following that, click the Add option and then waasmedic.exe.
  5. Finally, touch on the Open.

This is how you may enable DEP for a certain service.

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Disable Waasmedic Agent Exe

If none of the following solutions work for you, it’s time to disable Waasmedic Agent Exe on Windows 10. It is not possible to disable it manually. When you attempt to disable it, an Access Denied error will occur. The error indicates that disabling it is not advised. You may deactivate this exe process using a third-party program. Here are the procedures for disabling it in Windows 10 using a third-party program.

On your Windows 10 computer, download and install Windows Update Blocker. Ascertain that you download it from a reputable source.

  1. Once downloaded, open it and select Menu.
  2. Now, navigate to Windows Services and seek the Windows Update Medic Service.
  3. Copy the service’s name and navigate to the Windows Update Blocker directory.
  4. It will open the ini file in notepad. Now paste the service name behind dosvc = 2,4 and precede it with =3,4.
  5. To begin, launch Windows Update Blocker and click the Apply option.
  6. Utilize Windows Update Blocker to disable Waasmedic.

You’ve deactivated the Waasmedic Agent Exe process on your Windows 10 computer. If you wish to enable the service, run Windows Update Blocker. In it, click the Enable Service option and then the Apply button.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to uninstall the WaasMedic Agent.exe program from my computer?

I will not propose you disable the WaasMedic Agent.exe since doing so will not be safe because your Windows operating system relies on it for information transmission and threat management. If you disable it your updates may get corrupted.

Is 100 GB of storage space too much?

When your disc is at 100% utilization, it can significantly reduce the speed of your PC and make the process slower.

Is WaasMedic Agent.exe a program that I need?

Yes, WaasMedic Agent.exe is required for seamless updates and to overcome corrupted files, threats, and software upgrades.

Final Words

We discussed: What is Waasmedic Agent Xe? These are the most effective solutions we could find for you to resolve WaasMedic Agent.exe’s excessive disc usage in Windows 11. We hope you will try each of them one at a time because they are all very simple to use. Also, you should be aware that if agent.exe uses up most of your disc memory, your CPU performance will be significantly reduced. If this occurs, you will be unable to perform various tasks effectively.

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